What This Airport Baggage Handler Did Left Passengers Open-Mouthed

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Airport baggage handlers often suffer the same fate as airline Flight Attendants.

It’s when they do something annoying, careless, thoughtless or plain mean that passengers film them and, as the modern world demands, post the footage to social media.

Who, for example, could forget this Delta Air Lines baggage handler and his attitude toward a stroller?

Today, then, let’s celebrate Ephraim Sibeko.

He’s a baggage handler at Lanseria Airport in South Africa. And he does his job in a slightly more punctilious way than, dare I suggest, most baggage handlers.

Indeed, after a recent flight, passenger Janine Brand couldn’t help but admire the way Sibeko worked.

Sibeko seems to have one thing on his mind: to make it easier for passengers not only to identify their luggage on the carousel, but to pick it up.

As each bag emerges from the chute, he focuses on turning it to an optimum position.

Brand wrote on Facebook:

I’ll bet you 1000 bucks you’ve never seen anyone treat you or your luggage like Ephraim. The guys that usually stand there to receive or check the bags, either just stand and watch or grab and chuck to make space on the conveyor belt. He turns every single bag so that the handle of the suitcase is facing forward. All you do is grab and go.

The footage has now been seen by almost 1 million people.

What’s remarkable is that other passengers have noticed him before.

Pippa Strydom explained:

I too have met and thanked Ephraim for such excellent service. It really is astounding work. WELL DONE.

Rarely are people who do their jobs with such thought and care sufficiently rewarded.

More often, they’re taken advantage of.

Which is why Brand surely has the right idea when she writes:

Next time you travel through Lanseria Airport and you come across Ephraim, stop, thank and tip him because no where in the world will you ever receive first class service like that. (unless you pay for the service )Please feel free to share this video with all your friends that travel through Lanseria. This man should be promoted to global training manager. 

I have a feeling he’d be the best global training manager in the history of flying.

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