To become a pilot in AFRICA, The affordable ways You ll look forward to having your CPL both FAA or EASA

Hi Buddies, We re together again, First Of All, American Pilot Academy is very proud of that You all are closely and eagerly  interested in having the information about Flight Training in USA,  APA is an educational organization dedicated to helping you. Our main purpose as APA is to give you self confidence and provide full commitment and considerable interest  to the flight training..

The aviation industry is booming and aviation employees are needed!  617,000 New Airline Pilots are needed in the next 20 years. High School Graduation is good enough to start up training and become an airline pilot. Save your time and energyIf you have a passion to fly and work in an exciting career field; aviation is definitely for you.

The commercial aviation industry will require 466,650 pilots and 596,500 maintenance personnel over the next 20 years to accommodate the strong demand for new and replacement aircraft, according to a crew assessment forecast from Boeing. On the yearly basis. Airlines will be needing an average of 23,300 new pilots and 30,000 new maintenance personnel per year from 2010 to 2030.“

The Aim of APA is to arrange the training assets and engage the future generation of people who are eager to join Aviation World as a qualified airmen (PILOT), who will fly and maintain the more than 30,000 airline planes that will be delivered by 2030. The regional sharing averagely will be like that: Europe will need 94,800 new pilots and 122,000 of maintenance personnel; Africa and the Middle East will need 32,700 new pilots and 44,500 maintenance personnel. But; the largest growth in both pilots and maintenance workers will be countries in Asia-Pacific—180,600 and 220,000 respectively. In Asia, China will experience the greatest need for pilots and maintenance personnel – 70,600 and 96,400 respectively.

Let s start speaking the procedures of APA.

We have been doing our best to provide any kind of facilitating training options in USA. We  know aircraft, safety, pilot credentials belonging to the Flight Schools, FAA records, and have peerless experience with any airport FAA and EASA Regulations.

What are the things We have done so far…

  • Accelerated Flight Training,
  • Combined Flight Training FAA/EASA, we have the Flight Schools in either USA and Europe, So , those who want to EASA ATPL, They ll get the FAA Flight Training including FAA PPL,IR and skip to the Europe Flight Training directly. Pls Check the Program II to better understand and to have more information. 
  • Initial Preparation Training is the kind of training  making you aware and informed, including 10 H Simulator and 3 Hours realflight before the stages of PPL and IR. 

Here r the licenses You ll be needing in applying to the Airlines in both west and east.. in other word, USA and EUROPE..The first training we have submitted to our valuable students is FAA Accelerated Flight Training Program..

FAA Commercial Pilot License (5 Months, Florida, 250 H. Flight)

The Second training option is the EASA ATP Training , Prog II, EASA ATP A Combined Program USA/Europe (10 Months, Florida, (5 M.,190 H) Europe (2 M.,40 H), 230 H. Flight Time) 

Program II is special to your request. You ll be flying in USA more then 185 Flight Hours and You ll start having EASA 14 Theory Lessons for EASA ATP A, Most of our students have been prepared the exams on line , home study, It s the mandatory procedure in EASA to have at least 450 H on line training , If you want APA Flight School located in Poznan / Poland (just next to Germany Border) provide the face to face courses which has been pre-determined in SMART Aviation.

Here are the EASA Lessons and EXAMS You have to have in EASA Flight School..

After taking all 14 EASA Theory Lessons in USA, DONE. You just need to start conversion flights, practical Flight Exams (Checkride) with EASA Examiner  as explained before in Prog II Chart, including 30/35 Flight Hours .

Now, You r done ..At the end of all stages mentioned above, You ll be entitled to having FAA PPL-IR / EASA ATP and ICAO JAA FCL ATPL Licenses respectively. Shortly, You ll be a worldwide qualified Pilot..

Here are the Lisences You ll deserve after all training.



– The Validity of Program I and II:  Program  I is for the ones who want  to fly in USA, Program II is for the ones who want to fly Europe, Turkey, Middle East, Asia, Africa..

The location of Flight Schools: Lakeland / FL, West Palm Beach/ FL, Clawiston/FL, Poznan /Poland 

Founder of APA



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