TCFT Offers options to African Students in EASA/JAA Pilot Training in FLORIDA

The USA, FLORIDA, Southeast Coast, Treasure Coast, Treasure Coast Flight Training is an excellent place to take your EASA/JAA Pilot Training and Written Exams and learn how to fly!

Your Flight Academy, Your Promising Future! Pathway To Professional Pilot!

The United States has by far the largest aviation industry in the world. When you think about the number of successful global corporations based in the US (Corporate Jet Departments), the largest military and air force in the world – the USAF & US Navy, the largest economy in the world – including 5 of the 7 largest airlines in the world, and the recent Regional Jet explosion in the states, you can get an idea for how truly huge this market is.

Why Train in the USA?

Flight Training Schools – The US has excellent Training Schools and Facilities. Also many UK Based Pilot Training Schools have set up schools in the USA for Europeans to be able to acquire the EASA/JAA Pilot Licences while training in the USA. TCFT is one of them, having the ESA/JAA ATP Accelerated Pilot Training Programs in as little as 10 months.

EASA/JAA ATP Pilot Licences – respected and validated around the world as ICAO Pilot Licences. Most Non US Pilots don’t stay within their own massive US Pilot Market because of the flight time restrictions (1.500 Flight Hours to start up in Regional Airlines ) but their Training and Licenses are so highly respected throughout the world, that many Non-US Pilots have ventured away to fly abroad for companies including pilots flying for airlines such as Japan, Singapore, Korean Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, TAI Airlines, All Nippon Airlines Cargo, and more. As mentioned above – there are few schools now in the US that provide EASA/ JAA Flight Training and EASA/JAA European Pilot Licences.

Optimum Weather in the USA – Florida is the best place to become a pilot in USA, In many parts of the US the weather is perfect for Flight Training – with many sunny days for weeks on end. In some of the northern states, pilots in training can take advantage of the cooler seasons to get practical experience flying in cloud in IMC conditions, sometimes even within Snow showers and icing conditions.

Training Costs in the USA – Training in the US is extremely cost effective when compared with training in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia – in fact it is estimated to be between 35-40 % less. This reduced cost in building flight hours and training can be a real advantage to Pilots from European & Asian countries. When estimating costs for Training in the US, remember that 1 Euro is about equal to 1 US$. For this reason many schools in the US have set up Foreign Licence Training Programs and pilots from Europe come to the USA to do their pilot training to save costs. Also many Middle East, Asian airlines have set up Ab-Initio Training Programs for their new cadet pilots to train them from day 1 of flying right through to their first Airliner Simulator Training Flight – this saves these airlines millions of dollars each year due to the relatively low cost of training in the USA.

As TCFT, We have been doing our best to provide any kind of facilitating training options including EASA and JAA ATP in USA. We  have the best maintenance system, diversity of aircraft, compliance with safety regulations, CFI credentials belonging to the Flight Schools, FAA records, and have peerless experience with huge number of airports nearby…

What are the things We have done so far…

* Accelerated Flight Training,

* Combined Flight Training FAA/EASA/JAA, we have the Flight Schools in either USA and Europe, So , those who want to EASA ATPL, They ll get the FAA Flight Training including FAA PPL,IR and skip to the Europe/JAA Flight Training directly. 

* Initial Preparation Training (IPT) is the kind of training  making you aware and informed, including Ground Lessons and 3 Hours practical flight which is giving familiarization to Flight Region  before the stages of PPL and IR. 

Because you r in foreign country, not speaking your native language, having been undergoing the new subject matters and troubles during the flight training. So, IPT is gone give you a good clearance to know better understand and grasping the matters both in theory training and in flight.

Treasure Cost Flight Training (TCFT)  is the first  flight school in USA that has had Accelerated and Integrated with EASA Program within as little as 10 Months in FLORIDA/USA. This distinction feature, sustainable maintenance support onsite, synchronized  by the European Aviation Authority (EASA), clearly demonstrates the high level of training and  center of  excellence of TCFT.

Upon course completion, the licensed pilot will hold an EASA ATP  Frozen Airline Transport Pilot Licence (Frozen ATPL).. Moreover, All Pilot Candidates even will be rewarded with triple-license, FAA CPL, EASA and ICAO JAA ATP License at the end of training.

Here are the basic details of EASA Programs,




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